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Download and sign the petition here
List of Bills with links can be found here

In the Assembly:
Flavor Ban – (A47) Andrew Raia, the vaping assemblyman, was able to keep the flavor ban off the Code Committee agenda next week! Buys us more time! He believes it is very important for vape shops to have petition forms for their customers to fill out and is looking for (hundreds of) thousands of signatures. We can do this!

Actions: Read these important instructions. Then Download and print out the NO FLAVOR BAN petition. Get your customers to sign!
And call/email the Code Committee members and ask them to vote NO because it will put vape shops out of business, cost more than 2000 jobs, and force ex-smokers back to smoking.

Also oppose Tobacco 21 – (A558) which is on the agenda for the Codes Committee meeting Tuesday, 3/5! Ask them to vote NO because it would send 18-20 year olds back to smoking!

In the Senate:
Flavor Ban – (S428) and Ban on Discounts & Coupons – (S1148) were referred on Senate Calendar for 2nd reading (need 3 readings to vote). Can be voted on as early as next week!

T21 – (S2833) and 95% Wholesale Tax – (S468) – were sent to Senate Finance Committee. We don’t know yet when they may be voted on in committee but as with everything else, these bills can move quickly.

Action: Need to blow up the phones and send emails to Finance Committee Members and Key Leadership in Senate!

Final Action: Send a copy of all your correspondence to your Assembly Member and your Senator!

While you’re at it, also express your concerns with the Governor’s Executive Budget which would tax e-liquid at 20%
retail, gives the Board of Health the ability to ban flavors, and would raise the purchasing age to 21.

We will be issuing additional calls to action together with CASAA for consumers over the next few weeks and your continued participation is crucial. Please keep an eye out as things change rapidly and more news comes out.

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For questions or further information, contact Cheryl Richter, Executive Director at 914-517-3550; cheryl@nysva.org