From the Florida Smoke Free Association

Just a recap of what is happening in the Florida legislature. The past two days have proved to start the 2019 fight with a bang…and so far not in our favor. BUT, here is where we are: to pass a bill in Florida it is a three step process. ALL bills, whether by the senate or by the house, must be heard by three different committees. In theory, this gives all members to hear the points and counterpoints of the bill. It also gives the public (us) a chance to give your rebuttal and them a chance to ask questions. After the three committee meetings, the bill is sent to the “floor” for vote. The last step is the determination if the bill becomes law. Both bills that were heard for us, were favorably passed to the next committee. So what do we do now. We hit the entire legislature with calls, emails, tweets, Facebook, snail mail, carrier pigeon…..whatever method of communication you use to get them your message. We need them to have to hire more interns to service all the communication they are getting from the vape community. Tell them you oppose SB1618 and HB1125. Hit them where it hurts, YOUR VOTE. NOW IS THE TIME!. Start with your rep in your district, then as the committees are announced, contact them ALL.

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