Listen as Benevolent E-Liquids, CEO, Vic Canastraro talks about the Coalition for a Tobacco Free America.

The Coalition of a Tobacco-Free America is working towards a smoke-free future. Smoking is the leading cause of avoidable death in the world and more needs to be done to ensure this epidemic ceases to exist.

  1. Seek the Truth and eliminate the lies or unfounded fears.
  2. Provide people with information and education regarding the dangers of smoking and solutions to help them quit.
  3. Hold Rallies and information seminars to better serve the public.
  4. Engage all groups, trade associations, public service entities to further accelerate our cause.
  5. Unite Medical communities to confront issues that are further eroding the position of making America Tobacco Free

Take a look at the website, read the information, volunteer or make a donation. Let’s get to work!